Stearns & Foster Estate


The Stearns & Foster® Estate Collection begins with the highest quality materials. With the Estate Collection, as with every Stearns & Foster® collection, you can be sure that you are choosing the very best materials.

  • Cashmere infused cover feels luxuriously soft and inviting. Cashmere doesn't wrinkle and becomes softer with age.
  • High-density furniture-grade upholstery foams ensure durability.
  • Linen-wrapped foundation with peek-a-boo raspberry fabric adds another touch of luxury.
  • Innovation

    At Stearns & Foster®, we build the mattress of your dreams with our combination of continual innovation and authentic craftsmanship. With proprietary innersprings and exclusive comfort layers, every Stearns & Foster® is designed to give you the most satisfying and restorative sleep.

  • ClimaSense™ gel memory foam provides a sumptuous mix of contouring comfort and the ability to promote a cooler sleeping environment.
  • Exclusive Indulge Quilt™ combines deluxe fibers with tension-relieving foams to cradle your body in indulgent comfort.
  • Individually wrapped titanium alloy IntelliCoil® iD is a unique coil-in-a-coil design that delivers the ultimate combination of comfort and deep down support.
  • Foam-encased edge system provides a substantial yet comfortable sitting and sleeping edge. All Stearns & Foster® models (except those with an Ultra Firm construction) are designed to work on an adjustable base for personalized comfort and convenience.
  • Craftsmanship

    After careful consideration of ability, quality control, and experience, only a small number of elite craftsmen qualify to create the mattresses that carry the Stearns & Foster® name.

    Every Stearns & Foster® is meticulously constructed by specially trained, certified craftsmen. In fact, only the top craftsmen qualify to create Stearns & Foster® mattresses.


    Our founders, Stearns & Foster, always dreamt of something bigger and better. In the mid-1800s, it was a shared passion for better materials, innovation and craftsmanship that brought Seth Foster and G.S. Stearns together— at first to manufacture cotton goods used in horse carriage upholstery, and then, by happenstance, hotel mattresses. More than 165 years later, Stearns & Foster is still going strong, and the dream for only the best materials, innovation and craftsmanship is as apparent as ever.


    Want to measure before you get it home? Here’s all you need to know.
    *Split Queen style has two 30” x 80” box springs.

    Sleep sets come with a standard box spring, which has a height of 9”. Please note that a low-profile box spring with a height of 5” is also available. Ask your retailer for details.

    Comfort Levels

    Finding the right top cushioning is a matter of personal taste. That’s why Stearns & Foster offers a wide range of surface feels or comfort choices. Each one designed to provide a consistent level of support throughout the mattress.

    To begin your search, here are some of the basic differences:

    Firm: For customers who want a stiff surface support with just a hint of softness for comfort.

    Cushion Firm: For customers who want a substantial surface support with quilted softness for comfort.

    Plush: For customers who are looking for a soft, cushioning surface with deep support.

    Ultra Plush: For customers who are looking for an enveloping softness with deep support.

    Caring for your Stearns & Foster.

    Your Stearns & Foster mattress is designed to last a long, long time. That said, there are things you can do to keep it looking and feeling great. Keeping it clean, for starters. It's highly recommended that you use a mattress pad, which can be found at And while spills happen, try and keep it free of water or other liquids.

    Give it time to "air" after removing it from the plastic packaging. That new mattress smell will dissipate quickly. Use a proper frame with center support. For king and queen size mattresses, this ensures your warranty will remain in effect. Don't flip the mattress. A Stearns & Foster mattress has comfort layers on one side. It should, however, be rotated on occasion to minimize body impressions in the upholstery layers. Cleaning your Stearns & Foster.

    If you're the obsessively-clean type and want to go further than a mattress pad, vacuuming is the only other recommended way to keep your Stearns & Foster mattress in pristine condition. For stains, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly. Soaking the mattress or foundation, using dry-cleaning fluid of any type isn't a good idea. They can damage the comfort and upholstery materials. And we don't want that, do we?

    In short, show your Stearns & Foster a little love and it will return the favor.